*DONATION* Support a Garden on the Butterfly Highway

*DONATION* Support a Garden on the Butterfly Highway


Help us grow the Butterfly Highway by donating a “virtual” pollinator pitstop garden! Your donation will support a garden project with one of our community partners and will advance our mission of connecting people and communities with nature.

The Butterfly Highway is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and we rely on the generosity of donors and supporters to fund our pollinator habitat programs. All proceeds from the sale of items in this webstore go back into programs such as the Butterfly Highway pollinator pitstop at Friendship Sportsplex. THANK YOU for being part of our community and supporting the Butterfly Highway! 



Your donation of $100 will enable us to purchase:

  • 20 native pollinator plant plugs such as milkweed, aster, goldenrod or;
  • 2 native pollinator friendly trees that are hosts to pollinator caterpillars such as tulip poplar or oaks or;
  • 5 native shrubs that are pollinator favorites such as button bush, spicebush, or sweetspire.

In addition to purchasing native pollinator plants, your donation may be used to host garden design workshops, or other opportunities in our partner communities that are critical to helping us address issues around equity and access to nature. 

This purchase is a 100% tax deductible donation. You will not receive plants or other items for your purchase. 

**  You can pay by check or credit card even if you don’t have a Paypal account. Add your items to the cart and select your payment method during checkout **

Button bush
Butterflyweed milkweed
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