About The Butterfly Highway

About The Butterfly Highway

Bette Rae Thomas Recreation Center, Charlotte, NC. First Butterfly Highway pollinator pitstop. April 2015

The Butterfly Highway is a global network of people who have pledged to protect pollinators in their home gardens, schools, parks, business, and all of the spaces where pollinators need good safe habitat to ensure their survival. From backyard Pollinator Pitstops to large-scale roadside habitat restoration, people just like you are building a network of native flowering plants to support butterflies, bees, birds and other pollen and nectar dependent wildlife.

The Butterfly Highway began in Charlotte, NC, with the support of several community leaders that wanted to beautify their neighborhoods and at the same time create a positive way to build community with their neighbors. Through the Butterfly Highway, these neighbors transformed community gardens, backyard gardens, public spaces and park fragments into new pollinator habitats that also helped build a sense of pride and ownership in their community.  No garden is too small to make an impact and all together we are the Butterfly Highway.

Butterfly Highway Leadership

Angel Hjarding
Founder and Executive Director

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