Butterfly Highway Resources

Butterfly Highway Resources

Pollination in the Highlands Plateau from Day’s Edge Productions on Vimeo.

Pollinators are among the most important insects on Earth. Wherever a wide variety of flowering plants grows, a diverse army of pollinators will be there to ensure that those plants can reproduce.Case in point: the Highlands Biological Station in western North Carolina. HBS is a world-class botanical garden and ecological research facility, with an impressive diversity of pollinators on the property. Learn why pollinators are so important to healthy ecosystems in this short film produced by Day’s Edge Productions and Clay Bolt for the Highlands Biological Station.


Butterfly Puddle from walter reeves on Vimeo.


Other great pollinator videos:

Journeys and Transformations- The Monarch Butterfly Story from Ed Waters on Vimeo.
Video is 30 minutes long but worthwhile to watch. Suitable for children AND adults!

Citizen Science Pollinator Projects

The Butterfly Highway on iNaturalist
Monarch Larvae Monitoring Project
Journey North Monarch monitoring program